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WordPress Sitemap Generator

How To Create A WordPress Sitemap?

Every day, different search engines scrutinize the web to find, analyze, and index various web pages available on websites. In spite of all sophistication and improvement in the crawling process of these engines, they still need some helping guides to better index website pages. This kind of guide is technically called a sitemap. Have you ever heard of sitemaps? Are you wondering what a sitemap is and how you can generate it for your WordPress website? Well, you are so lucky in this way since you have reached the right place to get what you need about the WordPress sitemap and the way to generate Sitemap for your WordPress site. So don't waste time, just create a sitemap for WordPress as soon as possible.

In this post, you're going to read about:
- The Concept Of WordPress Sitemap
- Types of WordPress Sitemap
- Benefits Of WordPress Sitemaps
- How To Create WordPress Sitemap
- Try to generate a sitemap for WordPress by yoursitemap.com

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What Is An XML Sitemap For WordPress?

An XML WordPress sitemap is a file in which all the URLs and web pages are categorized and arranged in XML format. As the only protocol by which all major search engines like Google read sitemaps is XML, these engines can easily figure out and index your web pages and also your content. By using an XML sitemap for your WordPress site, you are able to tell search engines which links on your WordPress website are more important than others, and how frequently you update your website. This way, Google crawlers will soon be notified about any update within the structure of your site.

Based on what is said by Google, an XML sitemap can benefit different types of website, including those which are large, have few external links, contain media content, or use WordPress platform as their content management system (CMS). Therefore, if you use WordPress, you are strongly required to generate a sitemap for WordPress.

In order to index all the pages of your WordPress site, Google crawlers need to locate those pages within the structure of your site. Having a WordPress sitemap file, you will be able to let these bots find and index all of your files, content, and web pages with great ease and also remarkable efficiency.

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wordpress generate sitemap

Search engines easily go through your web pages using your WordPress XML sitemap. Contrary to an HTML sitemap which is designed with user picture in mind, an XML sitemap file for WordPress is aimed at listing all of your URLs for search engine bots in a machine-readable format and in a result, helping them crawl and index your content efficiently.

As mentioned above, the way an XML sitemap builder for WordPress organizes the available data on your WordPress site is useless for the real visitor. Indeed, in this format, your URLs are placed within specific tags to convey the type of information they encompass to the crawlers. Drawing on data representation of the WordPress sitemap, Google bots are allowed to crawl and index your web pages easily.

WordPress Sitemap: HTML Or XML?

Now, you know that the XML WordPress sitemap file is useful for Google crawlers to easily find your URLs over the internet and then, efficiently index them. In contrast, an HTML WordPress sitemap paves the way for the real visitor to have a clear picture of what you have included within your website and in turn, easily navigate throughout your web pages. Anyway, veterans suggest that if you have a WordPress website, you had better have used both types of XML and HTML sitemaps since:

1. Both XML and HTML WordPress sitemaps are truly capable of aiding search engines to find and crawl your website.

2. HTML WordPress sitemaps help those users who look for a specific page to find what they want.

3. If you are about to submit your WordPress site to Google, you need nothing, but an XML WordPress sitemap.

Keep in mind that if you are not able to include both types of sitemaps in your WordPress site, the best alternative for you is to have an HTML WordPress sitemap as it serves all purposes.

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How Can An XML Sitemap Benefit Your WordPress Site?

You have probably read somewhere on the internet that sitemaps do not have a direct impact on your website ranking in the SERPs. This is true, but if there is a page within your WordPress site that is not indexed, it cannot be discovered by neither search engines nor real internet users. In such a case, the only thing that helps your web page to be indexed is a WordPress sitemap as it provides you a way to let search engines be aware of that page.

In general, a WordPress sitemap can be useful whenever you establish a completely new website since initially, it does not have any backlinks, and you know that without backlinks, it can be harder for Google to discover your content. Therefore, it is a must for you to make a WordPress sitemap and submit it to the webmaster tools of major search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This feature makes search engines able to find, crawl, and index your content easily and efficiently.

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Sitemap WordPress Builder Sitemap WordPress Builder
The WordPress sitemap allows you to tell Google about the importance and priority of your web pages, their change or update frequency, the exact time of their last modification, and so on. This way, you set the way and procedure through which Google visit and crawl your site.

All in all, a WordPress sitemap file tries in its best way to enhance the crawl abilityof your site. According to Google, what search engines read when visiting your website is the WordPress sitemap, and this is the way they become able to intelligently crawl your site. The main factors of improved crawl ability are:

1. Faster Indexing

Using a WordPress sitemap, Google bots are able to crawl your site faster, leading to your content getting indexed faster.

2. Planned Crawling

Drawing on a WordPress sitemap file, you will be able to tell Google about the significance level of your web pages, and this way it can prioritize the crawling process of certain pages.

3. Rich Media Content Indexing

In case you have a great number of media files including videos and graphical images, you will be able to provide the related additional data through the use of WordPress sitemap file.

How Can You Make WordPress Sitemap?

If you want to get sitemap WordPress, we shall say that the best way to generate a WordPress sitemap file is to use the Yoursitemap.com sitemap generator. In this easy-to-use sitemap maker for WordPress, you can make the required sitemap for your WordPress sitemap file with just a couple of clicks. The most incredible feature of oursitemap creation tool which differentiates it from all other WordPress sitemap builders is that it makes you able to generate sitemap for WordPress without plugin. Creating a WordPress sitemap with this fast sitemap making tooldoes not need any special software plugin as it is totally online and is able to automatically build sitemap WordPress in a few minutes.

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What is more, anyone can generate a WordPress sitemap with the use of our XML sitemap creator for WordPress. Indeed, the tool has minimal options that are very simple and at the same time, provide great possibilities for you to make the desired WordPress sitemap. What this WordPress sitemap creator generates is a complete sitemap filethat includes all the pages that Google should be made aware of. With such a sitemap, crawlers will be happier while crawling your site since they have the chance to see the complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently.

Is This WordPress Sitemap Builder Free Of Charge?

The free WordPress sitemap generator allows you to create a WordPress sitemap with up to 500 URLs for free. If your website has more URLs or you like to integrate an image or video sitemap, you should use the premium version to create a WordPress sitemap with unlimited URLs. The good news is that this sitemap generator tool is fully compatible with all kinds of WordPress generated pages as well as custom URLs, and the cost computation is very low for you.