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Make Your Site Feel Better With Google Sitemap

Make Your Site Feel Better With Google Sitemap

Google bots are always crawling the internet websites to find new pages and index them. it may take a long time for pages to be indexed. But by creating a google sitemap you can reach this sooner.

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Google Sitemap Generator

Google XML Sitemap Generator

* In this post, you're going to read about:
- Google Sitemap
- Google Sitemap Performance
- When You Need Google Sitemap
- How Google Sitemap Works
- Features Of Google Sitemap Generator 

Google Sitemap

What Is A Google Sitemap?

Google Sitemap is a file which includes information about the website’s URLs, videos, images, and etc. There are different Google sitemap generator types that create this file such as Google html sitemap generator, Google XML sitemap generator and Google mobile sitemap generator. Google XML Sitemap is the complete file of URLs existed on your website with the aim of helping search engine bots to reach those URLs. The good news is that even if you use WordPress CMS for you site, you can create sitemap by our google sitemap generator WordPress. Our google sitemap generator for bloggers is also useful for blog owners. In general, our Google sitemap generator php language is useful for any websites.

Google Sitemap Performance

Google Sitemap Generator Google Sitemap Generator
Google sitemap allows crawlers to analyze the structure of your site more effectively. This could improve the SEO quality and in turn, the real-time rank of your site. Also, google sitemap help search engines precisely index your website pages and recognize their priority to other parts. In fact, google sitemap allows its google robots crawl the content of your site and index them more efficiently. The crawler follows different aspects of your site including, but not limited to, its size, number of URLs listed in your Google sitemap, type of the existed content, and so on. We suggest you to create a sitemap for Google as this file is necessary for your site to be crawled and indexed more efficiently. A google sitemap guides the crawler about the priority data in your site, pages update time and changes, etc.

Times You Need An XML Google Sitemap

• When you have massive links between your pages: In such a case, Google should crawl your new or recently updated pages over and over to index your whole site.

• When your site content pages aren’t linked to each other: Google sitemap list them in an XML file to avoid overlooking your pages by google.

• When you do not have enough links between your pages: Google and the other search engines crawl your site from one page to another links by following them.

XML Google Sitemap

How Google Sitemap Works

Google Sitemap helps google finds your site content in response to queries. Once found, google ranks the content for the keyword queries, which allows users to find their desired link/s. When your website content updates, google finds out the new content quickly through the use of your sitemap file google. Moreover, google sitemap helps google robots to find deeper content within your site, which are almost harder to index without any logical structure. This feature will guarantee that search engines see all parts of your website with great care. In the next section, we are going to introduce the benefits of using our google sitemap generator online, and also its bonus options to you.

Exclusive Options Of Our Google Sitemap Creator

What you will have using our professional XML google sitemap generator tool are explained bellow:

google sitemap generator online free

1. XML Sitemap Generator

You will be able to make XML google sitemap file for up to 500 links free of charge via our Google sitemap generator online free. In case of more than this number, you shall utilize our google sitemap generator tool with unlimited pages. To do so, please check out our pricing list.

With the aid of these sitemap tools featured by, it will be possible for you to change the optional properties of last modification, priority, and frequency for each URL. What is more, you can alter these parameters for a certain list of URLs at once. By last modification property, you will be able to provide information for Google bots over the date of the last modification of a specific URL or a list of URLs. The presented data in W3C format YYYY-MM-DD.

With the aid of frequency property, Google crawlers will be informed of how frequently a page is likely to change. Here, the valid values are always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and never. If a page changes in each time being crawled, the value “always” shall be used. In contrast, the value “never” will be used for those URLs being archived. Keep in mind that search engine crawlers consider the value of the very parameter as a hint and not a command. Therefore, there is no definite guaranty that a page with the value of “hourly”, for instance, will be crawled every hour.

Priority parameter (with a valid range of 0.0 to 1.0) determines the priority of a certain URL relative to other URLs on your website. Through the use of this, you will tell the search engine crawlers about the significance level of your web pages. Keep in mind that the priority value assigned to a specific URL will not affect its ranking in the SERPs. Crawlers will just utilize this value when deciding over the indexing of URLs on a single site. Therefore, you can use the very parameter to enlarge the possibility that a search engine encompasses your most significant pages in the result pages. Moreover, you can manage the indexing of your pages, that is to say, in this sitemap building tool it will be you who decide which URLs to be included in the XML google sitemap and which ones not.

2. Google Image/Video Sitemap Generator

Have several images/videos in each page? No problem. There will be no worries about this issue since you can use our google image sitemap generator online. In this way, you can add image/videos specific tags to the existing sitemap and make it ready for indexing you media content. The indication our google sitemap generator tool  provides not only helps google to get additional information about the images existed in your pages, but also helps it reach those images more easily, which it would not have found otherwise.

After adding the required specific tags to the sitemap, the tool will automatically determine the significant parameters of Caption, Title, Location, and License for each of them. What is more, if you have uploaded several of your images/videos on a different auxiliary server, you can easily add them from that server to the XML google sitemap of the main server.

You need to keep in mind that contrary to sitemap generation, making an image/video sitemap is not free of charge even for less than 500 links.

Image/Video Sitemap

3.Visual Sitemap Generator

Visual Google Sitemap Maker Visual Google Sitemap Maker
Our visual sitemap generator presents the final google sitemap file in drop-down chart or tree diagram, as you desire.

4. Sitemap Submission To Google

Here, you can simply introduce the generated sitemap into google via pasting the exclusive link of your domain in the robot.txt file. Using sitemap submission feature, google will fully recognize your google sitemap.xml, and you will not need to upload its file after each update of your URL list. In other words, the submitted link to google is always kept up-to-date.

sitemap submission

5. Link Warning

Google Sitemap Tool Google Sitemap Tool
• tags empty anchor text
• tags whose anchor text is an image with invalid direction
• tags whose anchor text is an image with no Alt text
• tags with invalid anchor text
• tags with no href
• tags with empty href
• tags whose href= "#"
• tags with deficient URL (The valid URL to be used in href should be complete and start with http or https)
• tags with an email address or a phone number in their href (even if it is not necessarily considered as a warning)
• tags whose href starts with "#" (even if it is not necessarily considered as a warning)
• tags with too long anchor text
• tags whose href comprise a long URL

6. Crawling Process Management

The well-structured platform of makes it possible for you to set a delay plan in the crawling process in order to make better use of site server resources. With the aid of this feature, you will be able to determine which pages to be crawled and which ones not to be crawled by our crawler.

how to generate a google sitemap file

7. Time-bound Technical Report

Google Sitemap Builder Google Sitemap Builder
This google sitemap maker will provide you with a comprehensive analysis report over your website performance in terms of link building and site structure, which can be received by your mail box. In addition, you will be able to set the report reception type on hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.