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XML Sitemap Google

XML Sitemap Google

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Sitemap Builder

Sitemap Builder

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XML Sitemap File

XML Sitemap File

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Fast Sitemap Maker

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You have probably searched several terms regarding sitemap such as "sitemap generator", "how to make a sitemap in a second", "fast sitemap maker" or "what is a sitemapand reached the present page. What we can say is that you have landed in the right place since we are going to cover all you need to know about “fast sitemap generator” alongside introducing our professional fast sitemap maker.

fast sitemap maker

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- The Nature Of Google Indexing Procedure
- Sitemap Concept In Simple Words
- The Way To Make Sitemap As Fast As Possible
- Bonus Services Of Fast Sitemap Maker

Want Your Site To Be Indexed? Be Patient And Use A Fast Sitemap Generator

It is a cut clear fact for everyone that everyday search engines increasingly crawl and index lots of web pages at an unmeasurable pace. However, there is no guarantee that these engines will likely reach your site as quickly as you think. Indeed, you must be a patient person during this time since your site takes time to be fully crawled and indexed by most of the search engines, especially Google. This situation gets worse for websites with time-sensitive content or digital media content.

In general, Google requires time to find new websites through a lot of improvements have been made in the crawling and discovering newly added content. This is where the fast sitemap maker comes to the scene to highlight its significance in boosting your website performance in search engine result pages. It will totally remove the time-consuming nature of sitemap generation as it builds the proper map for your site in just a few seconds. Do you have any idea about what a sitemap really is? If you are ready to get the answer, let’s get into it.

What Is A Sitemap?

You have surely heard of that and know what it is in general; however, the story of a sitemap is much bigger than what you have known up until now. Be with us in this post to see what exactly a sitemap is. A sitemap is indeed a file (whether XML or HTML) containing all your active or archived pages on your website. These pages are actually visible to and in access for both search engine crawlers and your current and potential users.

What is a Sitemap?

On one hand, it is a definite fact that users will be happier while going around your website if they can easily navigate through it and find where they are in less than a second. On the other hand, search engine bots can crawl and index your web pages with more ease if they have enough access to the overall structure of your website. This ease will not be achieved unless you use a comprehensive sitemap tool. Adding a sitemap to your website, you will probably be able to improve your site position in search engine result pages.

Furthermore, a well-established fast sitemap generator will let different search engines recognize the structure of your website and the distribution of content among your pages. As a result, these pages will be indexed with more accuracy. The sitemap also tells search engines about precious information over the metadata of your pages, including information about when a web-page was last updated, how often it is changed, how important it is for you when it was added to your site, and etc.

How Can You Make A Sitemap As Fast As Possible?

In the world of web design, no one can deny the clear fact that what network and website administrators do in keeping up and running a website is in its own right a monotonous and boring task, let alone introducing the final project to search engines and awaiting it to be fully indexed thorough the technical process. Generally speaking, today is not the proper time to create the sitemap manually though some still insist on doing it on their own. The fast sitemap generator we present is capable of making the required sitemap for the content and files within websites of all sizes with remarkable pace and accuracy.

sitemap file making

Now, there must be no worry about this since it definitely becomes easier and less tedious for you to manage your site and introduce the existed web pages to search engines like Google with the advent of our fast sitemap maker tool of It lets you build the sitemap for your desired website in the twinkling of an eye. Once you list the pages you want to be crawled and indexed better and sooner by Google bots, the intelligent crawlers of our professional sitemap generator will embark on scrutinizing and doing a complete analysis on the list so as to create the sitemap for you as quickly as possible. This sitemap tool is capable of crawling 1000 pages and making the final sitemap in just 120 seconds.

No matter you are currently designing a new site or rebuilding an existing one, our fast sitemap builder will require less than a minute to take a significant amount of work off of your shoulders since it makes your required sitemap file in just a few clicks. In addition to its easy usage and time-saving feature, our fast sitemap maker will provide you with the following extra features.

Bonus Features Of Our Fast Sitemap Generator

1. Image sitemap
2. Visual sitemap
3. Sitemap submission
4. Update and Crawl timing
5. Complete list of internal links
6. Complete list of external links
7. Complete list has broken links including links of empty pages, loop directions, and links with 500, 403, 503, and 504 errors.
8. Complete list of 301 Redirect links
9. Complete list of 302 Redirect links
10. Complete list of 404 error
11. List of pages with too many internal links
12. List of pages with extremely few internal links
13. List of pages with a big distance from the homepage
14. List of anchor texts as well as their exact number in the whole site
15. Link warning 
16. Crawler management
17. Crawling process handling
18. Analysis report

sitemap generation

If you want to build your sitemap in just several clicks, then you just need to simply list your desired URLs for sitemap maker tool It will automatically do the entire process itself at a rate of knots. Enjoy it!