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Ever Thought Of Mobile Sitemap?

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Make An XML Sitemap With PHP

Make An XML Sitemap With PHP

A php sitemap is a script in which your URLs are listed throughout a logical structure and aimed at creating an XML sitemap with php. This sitemap generator script can be beneficial for you in two ways. On one hand, using the structure and exclusive

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Submit Sitemap Outside Search Console?!

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Free Sitemap Creator

Free Sitemap Generators or Paid Sitemap Generators?

If you search the keyword "free sitemap generator" on search engines, you certainly see lots of websites that provide free of charge sitemap tool, but it is crucial to examine if that tools can meet all of your needs. There is both free sitemap generator and paid sitemap generator on the internet which offers different possibilities. A sitemap is a file that introduces the list of present and archived URLs on your website. This sitemap file is normally designed in XML format since this is the main protocol by which all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing read sitemaps over the internet. As might know, the XML sitemap is hidden from the insight of real users, and the reason behind this is that the very type of sitemap is created just in favor of search engine crawlers.

In this post, you're going to read about:
- Free XML Sitemap Maker
- Free HTML Sitemap Maker
- Sitemap Generator Mechanism 
- Free Sitemap Generators
- Paid Sitemap Generators 
- Features Of Our Free Sitemap Generator

Free XML Sitemap Generator Free XML Sitemap Generator
What an XML sitemap does for you is that it will makes you able to tell search engines about what you have within your website, how the structure of your web pages is arranged, which of your pages are more important for you to be indexed first, what types of content and file your site includes, and so on. This way, you can help these engines easily reach your website upon relevant searched keywords, deeply crawl the structure of your site, and finally, index whatever content you have in your site systematically (which is the ultimate goal of sitemap generation procedure).

Free HTML Sitemap Generator Free HTML Sitemap Generator
In addition to XML format, different sitemap generators have also the capacity of making HTML sitemap file, which is built with the user picture in mind. In fact, an HTML sitemap presents whatever URLs available on your website in an arranged and hierarchical way, making your website users available to have a good understanding what you have to offer within your site. The amazing point about HTML sitemaps is that they not only serve as the guiding map for those users who look for a specific page of your site, but also provide such a great possibility for search engines to efficiently crawl and index your content, files, and web pages.

How Does A Free Sitemap Generator Work?

Generally speaking, a free sitemap generator gives you a chance to get your pages and content indexed better. What an online sitemap generator needs to create sitemap for your website is a list of URLs. To get your sitemap from URLs, you must choose which URLs to be included in the final sitemap and introduce them in a list to the sitemap creator tool.

Sitemap generation tools are usually able to make sitemaps of different types, namely XML and HTML, which are aimed at search engines and people, respectively. Basically, the outcome of what an XML sitemap generator makes for you is a way through which you will be able to tell search engines about the pages that existed on your site. Despite the fact that the process of XML sitemap creation will not directly influence your website page rank in the SERPs, it can lead to a better and optimized crawling and indexing of your web pages. What this means is that search engines can discover more instances of your content and as a result, put them in search results for related queries.

xm sitemap creator

sitemap making tool

A free sitemap maker gives you the opportunity to create sitemaps that are compatible with all search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and etc. What is more, using a free sitemap generator tool, you will be able to tell search engines which of your links are more important than the others and how frequently they are about to change.

Free Sitemap Generators

If you google some technical terms such as sitemap generator, sitemap maker, sitemap builder, or sitemap creator, you will be faced with an infinite number of SERPs which include the link of various free sitemap generation tools. Obviously, each of these free sitemap generators have both advantages and shortcomings.

Free Sitemap Maker Free Sitemap Maker
The most tempting feature of a free sitemap generator is that it gives you the sitemap free of charge. If you have a small website, a free sitemap maker will be a good choice to create a suitable sitemap file. It is worth saying that our sitemap tool has this feature by which you can simply get your sitemap in less than a minute without any payment. We boldly recommend you to give it a try to check its simplicity and comfortability. The good news about our sitemap generator platform is that no matter it is a free or a paid version, it can automatically submit your final sitemap to Google and also intelligently update the sitemap file over any change in the structure or content of your website. For more information you can read sitemap submission article.

However, these free sitemap generators have several drawbacks as well. One of the main shortcomings of free sitemap builder is that they allow you to generate a sitemap with a maximum number or just 500 URLs. What this signifies is that if your website has more URLs, you can not use a free sitemap generator to get ideal results. Instead, you have no other alternatives, but to use a paid sitemap generator tool, which is explained below.

Paid Sitemap Generators

Whether you have already possessed a big website which has not been structuralized yet, or you are currently planning to design or simply establish a new site with a page proliferating nature, then you are strongly recommended to create an applicable sitemap via a paid sitemap generator.

Paid Sitemap Builder Paid Sitemap Builder
The reason why we say you shall use paid sitemap generators - especially the one provided by our sitemap building tool - is that they give you a great possibility to generate sitemap with unlimited pages. What this means is that in case you have a website with more than 500 URLs, you will not face any obstacles in the process of sitemap generation as the professional platform of our paid sitemap generator is capable of making a sitemap with up to an infinite number of URLs in each creative process. Using our paid sitemap generator, you will be able to take advantage of various services. For instance, you can easily integrate your rich media content (image/video file) to a normal XML sitemap file. Indeed, there are several specific tags for images and videos you can add to the structure on the main sitemap, making it proper to help search engines easily discover and index your images and videos.

It can be claimed strongly that if you get access to the paid sitemap generator of, you will have a very great opportunity to receive various functional services with just one account. So, don’t waste the time anymore and enter your website URL in the field above the page and get into a huge treasure of marvelous solutions for your website. But, before doing anything else, check the following perfect services of our paid sitemap generator.

1. Sitemap Generation

• Using our tool, it will be possible for you to change the optional properties of last modification, priority, and frequency for each URL. What is more, you can alter these parameters for a certain list of URLs at once.

• By last modification property, you will be able to provide information for Google bots over the date of last modification of a specific URL or a list of URLs. The presented date in in W3C format YYYY-MM-DD.

• With the aid of frequency property, Google crawlers will be informed of how frequently a page is likely to change. Here, the valid values are always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and never. If a page changes in each time being crawled, the value “always” shall be used. In contrast, the value “never” will be used for those URLs being archived. Keep in mind that search engine crawlers consider the value of the very property as a hint and not a command. Therefore, there is no definite guaranty that a page with the value of “hourly”, for instance, will be crawled every hour.

Priority (with valid range of 0.0 to 1.0) determine the priority of a certain URL relative to other URLs on your website. Through the use of this property, you will tell the search engine crawlers about the significance level of your web pages. Keep in mind that the priority value assigned to a specific URL will not affect its ranking in the SERPs. Crawlers will just utilize this value when deciding over the indexation of URLs on a single site. Therefore, you can use the very property to enlarge the possibility that a search engine encompasses your most significant pages in their result pages.

• Moreover, you can manage the indexing of your pages, that is to say, it will be you who decide which URLs to be included in the sitemap and which ones not.

2. Image/Video Sitemap

• You can use our image/video sitemap creator tool, no matter how many photos or videos you have on your site. In this way, you can easily add images and videos to the normal XML sitemap created before through the use of some specific tags provided in our sitemap generator tool.

• With our sitemap tool capabilities, you can add photos or videos uploaded to different auxiliary servers right to your sitemap on the main server.

3. Visual Sitemap

The sitemap file generated by our sitemap creation tool will be displayed in tree diagram or drop-down chart as a visual sitemap.

4. Sitemap Submission

• Here, you can simply introduce the generated sitemap into Google via pasting the exclusive link of your domain in the robot.txt file.

• Using this feature, Google will fully recognize your sitemap, and you will not need to upload its file after each update of your URL list. In other words, the submitted link to Google is always kept up-to-date.

5. Update & Crawl Timing

• These two features can be set and managed on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. You will access this control in your dashboard.

6. Link Evaluation

• A list of all of internal links within your site pages
• The bulk of external links (from your website to the others)
• A list of broken links including links with 500, 403, 503, and 504 errors, and loop directions. • The whole list of 301 Redirect links
• The complete list of 302 Redirect links
• The entire list of 404 error • Information over pages with exceeding number of internal links
• The full list of pages with far few internal links
• The catalogue of pages with big distance from the homepage
• The exact number of anchor texts within the site accompanied with other related precious data.

7. Link Warning

• tags with empty anchor text
• tags whose anchor text is an image with invalid URL
• tags whose anchor text is an image with no Alt text
• tags with invalid anchor text (It should be either a short piece of text or an image. Using whatever html tags other than text or image in the anchor text is totally invalid.)
• tags with no href
• tags with empty href
• tags whose href= "#"
• tags with deficient URL (The valid URL to be used in href should be complete and start with http or https)

8. Crawler Management

With the aid of this feature you will be able to determine which pages to be crawled and which ones not to be crawled by our crawler.

9. Crawling Process Handling

Here, you can set a delay plan in the crawling process in order to make a better use of site server resources.

10. Analysis Report

The current sitemap tool will create an analysis report that provides you with a plenty of valuable information on your site operation in terms of link building efficiency and site structure. You can receive this data which via your mail box hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.