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A Better Online Store With The Aid Of Sitemaps

For an eCommerce website, nothing is more important than the number of visitors and being at the top of the search engine's result page. A way you can does as a webmaster is to use a powerful XML sitemap for e-commerce websites.

Efficient WordPress Website

Efficient WordPress Website

Unfortunately, this is the case for WordPress sitemap generator plugin. If you want to generate a sitemap of your WordPress site via a plugin, you have to install it alongside other required plugins. As a result of adding these add-ons, your website

Sitemap For All Kind Of Website

Sitemap For All Kind Of Website

The XML sitemap created by our generators help search engines reach all the pages on your website even if they are far down within the structure and might not otherwise be indexed and crawled as quickly. Regardless of how big your website is, you are

Google Sitemap Submitter

How Can I Submit A Sitemap To Google?

One of the main reasons for creating a sitemap is introducing your website and URLs to google. Being among the google Search result page (SERP) is crucial for all kinds of websites and businesses. To reach this goal try to submit an XML sitemap to google. Our sitemap submission can help you in your business.

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What Is Sitemap Submission?

When creating your own websites, you should consider the important issue of listing them in well-known search engines like Google. The only thing you need to do is to generate a sitemap file and make it available to search engines immediately. In other words, just to create a sitemap does not necessarily guarantee that search engines will find and show your website efficiently. Obviously, something more than just sitemap creation is required, and this is the submission of the final sitemap file to search engines. Our online sitemap generator tool submits sitemap file into this search engine easily and efficiently.

You can simply submit your sitemap file to google just by following three below steps:
A. Generate sitemap online here in
B. Validate sitemap XML online by our XML sitemap validator.
C. Submit sitemap file to search console by our sitemap submission feature.

How To Submit A Sitemap To Search Engines?

Sitemap Submitter Sitemap Submitter
Whenever new web owners who are exactly familiar with search engines are going to be aware of listing their site in search engines, they almost know nothing about how to do it properly. They often think that to do so, they should pay search engines. But the fact is that paying to search engines is not necessarily the ultimate solution, of course. It is free to list the websites in search engines. Just they should help search engines find their website. As a matter of fact, XML sitemap submission to a search console allows you to manage your website appearance in search engine result pages.

Informing search engines about your website pages is easy to be done with the help of a sitemap file. The only thing you need to do is to make a sitemap for your website and submit your sitemap to google.

The Mechanism Of Sitemap Submission With Yoursitemap

Our sitemap generator can build sitemap for different types of content available on your website. We combine all of the content into one single sitemap file, making it easier for you to download or submit the file. Indeed, the only thing you have to do is to provide your website URL for our sitemap creator tool; it will automatically submit the final sitemap file into search engines and also apply whatever changes made to the sitemap structure as you update your website content or structure.

sitemap submission to search console

Using our sitemap generator, you do not have to upload the sitemap generated by our sitemap tool to Google Search Console directly since our sitemap submission feature is designed to do this job for you. When the creation of your sitemap file is finished, it will be stored alive and fully active in the dashboard of your profile in our sitemap generator tool. What you really receive is a link, which is produced exclusively for each of your websites, and you should insert it in the provided robot.txt file. This way, Google will have full access to your sitemap file alongside any updated data on demand; therefore, you can be sure that all of your recently added or changed files, pages, or content will be recognized and indexed by Google bots.

how to submit sitemap to google

Sitemap Submission To All Search Engines

ُSitemap submission to google is done through the below ways:

1. Submit sitemap.xml to search engines using Search Console; 
2. Insert “google sitemap submit URL” line in your robots.txt file;
3. Send the request to search engines.

It’s a great idea to submit a sitemap to google when you go live with your WordPress site. Google uses your XML sitemap to know about your WordPress structure and also to increase index coverage of your web pages. If you want to make and submit a sitemap for WordPress without any plugin, then you can generate and submit it easily with the aid of our sitemap submission service.

Sitemap Submission Troubleshooting Sitemap Submission Troubleshooting
Obviously, the “google sitemap submitted but not indexed” error is a concern to any webmaster. This message signifies that google shows the search engine has indexed none of the URLs webmasters submitted via the sitemap. You should know exactly which kind of URLs are in the sitemap file you submitted. For instance, if you verify a non - www version and google sitemap submit a www version of your URL, google may not index any non - www versions of your URL. To fix this error, you should specify the URLs with www., and resubmit the submitted sitemap.

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