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Sitemap Submission Tool

Sitemap Submission Tool

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Build Visual Sitemap

Build Visual Sitemap

Visual Sitemap will provide you with different benefits of XML and HTML sitemap file type concurrently; however, having all 3 types together makes your website superlative. In this way, you will take advantage of two significant benefits. First, you

Mobile Sitemap Generation

Mobile Sitemap Generation

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Sitemap Creation Tool

Create Your Sitemap Online

The advantages of creating an XML sitemap on your website are that your URLs could be indexed more efficiently, also search engines like google and Bing are to understand your page and their relationship better so these help you get a better SEO rank and score. Our professional XML sitemap tool makes it easy to create a sitemap online just in 2 minutes.

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- Different Types Of Sitemap Creation Tools
- Technical Options Of yoursitemap Sitemap Creator

sitemap creation

Sitemap Creation

Today is the time you must make smarter SEO decisions for your website, and it is strongly in relation to the creation of a sitemap, the technical SEO platform that helps you have a high rank in search engine result pages. To be honest, we boldly offer you our sitemap generator to own the required sitemap file for your desired website. Indeed, this sitemap creator tries to provide you with a map-like structure functioning as a table of content for your website.

Significance Of Sitemap Creation

The significance of sitemap creation

Before you get your sitemap via our sitemap creation tool, we let you know why is it necessary to make a sitemap for your website. First and foremost, sitemap creation allows search engines to find and analyze your website in a more efficient way. Definitely, you feel like that all of your intended pages to be crawled and indexed perfectly by search engines. Some of the pages, however, might not be reached easily as their URL does not end up with any internal links pointing to them. A sitemap creator online lists all important pages that existed in your website and allows search engines (such as Google) to efficiently crawl them throughout a logical web-based structure.

Second, by creating a sitemap for your website, search engines will be informed of any sort of the change in your website content in less than a minute. In addition, you can provide search engines with data about how frequently a page is likely to be changed.

Third, sitemap creation will let you determine the priority and significance of a certain URL/list of URLs to the others and tell it directly to search engine bots. Therefore, it is very necessary for you to create an XML sitemap if you are determined to boost your website traffic.

Types Of Sitemap Creator Tool

You can create different types of sitemap through the guidance of our sitemap creation tutorial. Also, you will be able to create the final project by manual sitemap creation on your own. However, it is suggested to use our free sitemap generation tool to save your time and have a professional one. The types of our comprehensive sitemap tool can generate are as follows.

sitemap xml creation

Visual Sitemap Creation

Creation Of Sitemaps Creation Of Sitemaps
Visual sitemap creation is used as a designing tool that will allow web owners to sort and list the content of their website, and also eliminate the pages that are unnecessary. You can improve your website SEO with the means of our sitemap creator system.

Sitemap XML Creation

Sitemap XML structure is not seen by users, but it is built with the aim of introducing all pages available on your website to the search engines, showing their links to each other, and also indicating how often their content is updated. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use our sitemap XML creation tool in order to get the needed XML sitemap for your site.

sitemap xml creation

HTML Sitemap Creation

Automatic Sitemap Creation Automatic Sitemap Creation
HTML sitemaps are normally designed for the users to help them find whatever content they look for on your website. Hence, it has nothing to do with search engines and does not need to include every single subpage. Drawing on our sitemap creator HTML, you can easily help your visitors navigate and go around your website with a great deal of comfort.

Php Sitemap Creation

Sitemap PHP creation is a technical SEO platform to improve your site SEO. To do so, you can simply list the URLs you want to be included in the final sitemap and introduce it to our sitemap creator PHP. Once done, the tool will start to automatically crawl those URLs, analyze the relationship between them, and finally create a logical structure out of the provided list.

Sitemap php creation

Professional Options Of Our Sitemap Creator

1. Image/Video sitemap:

• You can use our image sitemap creator tool, no matter how many photos or videos you have on your site. In this way, you can easily add images and videos to the normal XML sitemap that was created before through the use of some specific tags provided in our sitemap building tool.

• With our sitemap creation capabilities, you can add photos or videos uploaded to different auxiliary servers right to your sitemap on the main server.

• Keep in mind that all image/video sitemap features are provided to you in a non-free platform even for less than 500 URLs.

image sitemap creation

2. Sitemap submission:

 • The created sitemap by our XML sitemap creation tool will be introduced into search engines by attaching your domain individual link in your website robot.txt file.

• The exclusive link in the robot.txt file makes it possible for search engines to identify the XML sitemap entirely. With the aid of the sitemap submission feature, the sitemap URL is always kept up-to-date without any need to manually update it.

sitemap submission

3. Update and Crawl timing:

The Best Sitemap Creation The Best Sitemap Creation
The control of updating URLs list and crawling period time is adjustable. You can change it between hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

4. Link Evaluation

a. A list of all of the internal links within your site pages
b. The bulk of external links (from your website to the others)
c. A list of broken links including links with 500, 403, 503, and 504 errors, and loop directions.
d. The whole list of 301 Redirect links
e. The complete list of 302 Redirect links
f. The entire list of 404 error
d. Information over pages with exceeding number of internal links
h. The full list of pages with far few internal links
i. The catalog of pages with a big distance from the homepage
j. The exact number of anchor texts within the site accompanied by other related precious data.

creation of sitemaps

5. Links with various types of warning:

Sitemap Creation Tool Sitemap Creation Tool
With the aid of our XML sitemap generator, you can fix the webpage’s warnings and Errors. For example, our professional sitemap maker tool indicates that there is a tag that does not have anchor text or a tag that its anchor text is invalid. As you know all images must have Alt text, that this warning is shown in our sitemap maker. Also, it warns about bad href, tags that don’t have href, tags with invalid href.

6. Crawler management:

• With managing option, you can choose between pages needed to be crawled and unneeded ones.

7. Crawling process handling:

• This feature means setting a delay plan in the crawling process with the aim of server resources optimization.

sitemap creation software