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HTML Sitemap Maker

How To Generate An HTML Sitemap

The ultimate goal of a sitemap can be both search engines and website visitors. when you want to give the user a guideline of your website structure HTML Sitemap file comes on. now you can use our online HTML sitemap generator tool to give your visitors a user-friendly map of all your important links.

* In this post, you're going to read about:
- Sitemap Types 
- An HTML Sitemap File 
- Benefits Of HTML Sitemap For Websites
- Significance Of HTML Sitemap
- Generate HTML Sitemap File
- Yoursitemap an online HTML Sitemap Maker 

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An Introduction To Different Sitemap Types

In general, sitemaps can be divided into three main types: XML sitemap, HTML sitemap, Image sitemap, and Visual sitemap. Although these 3 sitemap file types impact website performance in a completely different way, the consolidation of them can lead to an ideal status for the website. It means that if a website has the possibility of possessing all these three kinds of sitemaps altogether simultaneously, it will receive marvelous results in terms of SEO and real organic traffic. 

Should we put HTML sitemap in some simple words, we can say it could be something that helps the visitors of your website easily navigate and go around it. In other words, a sitemap is a sort of guide for your website visitors to recognize their exact location among a mass of your web pages. However, in case your users cannot figure out where they are, where they want to go, or what they are looking for at the moment, they will get confused and likely leave your website since you have not been successful to meet their needs.

Based on what is said above, it is strongly recommended for you to add a well-structured HTML sitemap to your website. In this post, we are going to explain the concept of HTML sitemap and the way it is generated. We also talk about the reasons why an HTML sitemap is a necessity for the performance and success of your website. So, stay on the current page in the next 20 minutes and get whatever information you need over this type of sitemap. Let’s go through the issue right now.

What Is HTML Sitemap?

Designing a new website or redesigning an already existed one, you need to have an HTML sitemap file. Simply put, an HTML sitemap is a file designed in HTML and set on your server, as the XML sitemap file is. In fact, the HTML sitemap is your website navigation page and its main goal is to list all web pages available within your website both for real visitors, whom you want to take action in your website, and search engine bots, which you want to index your web pages. In the HTML sitemap page, all of the existed web pages within your site will be listed in a hierarchical style.

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What Are The Benefits Of Html Sitemap?

If we want to talk about the HTML sitemap benefits, first, we should compare HTML sitemap with XML sitemap. As you may know, the former is designed with the real user picture in mind, but the latter is created to serve search engine bots. In other words, XML sitemaps allow search engine bots to have a clear picture of what you have within your site and how they are related to each other. This way, these bots will be able to crawl your web pages more deeply and index them in a more efficient way. In contrast, HTML sitemaps not only let internet crawlers find and reach your website with great ease but also help your website real visitors easily navigate while going around your website and simply figure out where they are at the moment. In addition, webmasters generate HTML sitemap to make sure that their users have enough access to different parts and content of your website.

Online HTML Sitemap Generator Online HTML Sitemap Generator
As what an HTML sitemap maker generates for you supports Google visitors (bots), it allows you to tell Google and other search engines about the change frequency (how many times a page is to be changed), last modification time (when the last time a page was changed), and priority (the extent a page is important compared to others) of each of your web pages. It must be mentioned that an HTML sitemap indicates the relationship between different sections of your website, showing how the site is structured as well as how it can be navigated.

Why Should You Have HTML Sitemap?

In the world of web developing and SEO, someone might say that the only type of sitemap you need to improve your site performance is XML; however, you must use HTML sitemap, as well due the following reasons:

1. Organizing Large Websites

If your website has a dynamic nature with always new content, files, menus, departments, or people added to it, its size will inevitably grow in time. Anyway, this issue can lead to the confusion of your real users they will be bewildered about where they are at the moment, whey they can go further, and what you have to offer. HTML sitemaps can function as a guide for those confused visitors who are unable to find what they are looking for in your website.

2. Indicating Website Architecture 

The HTML sitemap indicates and also monitors the structure of your website alongside the connection between your different web pages. Using this type of sitemap, you can make sure whether you have maintained a clean and applicable hierarchy in your website. Definitely you know that an organized hierarchical list of URLs can generate better outcome than a messed-up URL list with everything pilled on each other.

3. Shedding Light On The Website’s Objectives

As an HTML sitemap is a content-based document in nature, you can use it as a way to highlight the main purpose of your website. To this end, you can use SEO tips to identify the most important keywords in the HTML sitemap.

4. Aiding Search Engine Crawlers In Reading A Website

Obviously, search engine bots will be happier if they get access to an organized list of your URLs. Since the HTML sitemap is structured in a hierarchy way, it puts your most important pages up in the crawl queue of search crawlers.

5. Helping To Increase Search Engine Visibility

Believe it or not, there is always possibility that Google does not index every single of your pages and subpages. Fortunately, you are able to solve this problem through the use of HTML sitemap. Indeed, an HTML sitemap help search engine crawlers get a comprehensive understanding of all the pages available on your website, facilitating the crawl and index procedure for these bots.

Our HTML Sitemap Creator

The experience of different webmasters indicates that the best method of creating an HTML sitemap is to utilize an HTML sitemap generator, and this is exactly what our sitemap tool presents to you. Similar to other modern tools, our online HTML sitemap maker is completely online and able to automatically build an SEO-based and user-friendly HTML sitemap to be used in your website. It is worth saying that the HTML sitemap generated by our online HTML sitemap maker includes every page on the website – from the main pages to lower-level pages.

HTML Sitemap Google HTML Sitemap Google
Working with this easy-to-use HTML sitemap creator does not require any special skill. In other words, anyone, from amateurs to veterans, who has access to the internet and a computer can generate HTML sitemap file via tool. All you need to do is to provide your website URL in the field above this page, introduce your desired URL list to the sitemap creation tool, and finally put the desired sitemap file type on HTML. Now, our HTML sitemap generator tool does the rest for you, taking a few minutes to crawl your web pages and present the final HTML sitemap.

When the procedure of HTML sitemap creation is over, you will receive the URL of an exclusive web page which you can put in the structure of your website as thesitemap page. This way, your users will not face any navigating barrier while going around your site.

Other Features Of Our Sitemap Generator

html sitemap builder

1. Image/Video Sitemap

You can use our image sitemap creator tool, no matter how many photos or videos you have on your site. In this way, you can easily add images and videos to the normal sitemap created before through the use of some specific tags provided in our sitemap generator tool.

With our sitemap tool capabilities, you can add photos or videos uploaded to different auxiliary servers right to your sitemap on the main server. It is worth saying that all features of image/video sitemap building tool are provided to you in a non-free platform even for less than 500 URLs.

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2. Visual Sitemap Tool

The sitemap file generated by our Visual sitemap creation tool will be displayed in a tree diagram or drop-down chart as a visual sitemap.

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3. Link Evaluation

• A list of all of the internal links within your site pages
• The bulk of external links (from your website to the others)
• A list of broken links including links with 500, 403, 503, and 504 errors, and loop directions.
• The whole list of 301 Redirect links
• The complete list of 302 Redirect links
• The entire list of 404 error
• Information over pages with exceeding number of internal links
• The full list of pages with far few internal links
• The catalog of pages with a big distance from the homepage
• The exact number of anchor texts within the site accompanied by other related precious data.

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4. Link Warning

• tags with empty anchor text
• tags whose anchor text is an image with invalid URL
• tags whose anchor text is an image with no Alt text
• tags with invalid anchor text (It should be either a short piece of text or an image. Using whatever html tags other than text or image in the anchor text is totally invalid.)
• tags with no href
• tags with empty href
• tags whose href= "#"
• tags with deficient URL (The valid URL to be used in href should be complete and start with http or https)

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5. Analysis Report

The current sitemap tool  will create an analysis report that provides you with plenty of valuable information on your site operation in terms of link building efficiency and site structure. You can receive this data via your mailbox hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.