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Mobile Sitemap Generator

How To Create A Mobile Sitemap

* In this post, you're going to read about:
- Concept Of Mobile Sitemap
- Mobile Sitemap Generator 
- Some Vital Thing For Mobile Sitemap Generation 
- Different Features Of Mobile Sitemap Generator 

mobile sitemap generator

What Is Mobile Sitemap?

Today, almost it is not possible to find a group of people not doing their online works with mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. So, if you have a separate version of your website specifically designed to be displayed in mobile browsers, then you are in need of having a mobile-based structure for your site. In this way, you are strongly recommended to generate mobile sitemap and submit the file to search engines, specially Google. Making a mobile sitemap, you will be able to help search engine crawlers find and technically analyze your mobile version site with more ease. Moreover, these bots can fulfill search requests from mobile devices better and lead more traffic to your site. Keep in mind that only those links to pages with mobile web content must be included in the mobile sitemap file since adding the links to desktop web pages can harm the overall indexing process of the site.

However, if you do not have a feature-phone version (a specifically mobile design of the website) of your site , you do not necessarily need to create a segregated mobile sitemap. It means that if your site is an ordinary mobile-friendly one, adding a new mobile sitemap file can cause a sort of confusion for search engine crawlers. To put it simply, whenever your site works well in the browser of almost every smart phone (like what a responsive site does), a single unit XML sitemap file will be adequate for search engine crawlers to index your mobile content as well.

Mobile Sitemap Generator

Mobile Sitemap File Mobile Sitemap File
You can simply get mobile sitemap file via our professional sitemap tool. All you need to do is to specify your exclusive links to those pages containing mobile web content. Once done, our sitemap builder starts analyzing the links so as to technically crawl them and generate a specifically formatted mobile sitemap for you. Our mobile sitemap creator does the following for you in less than a minute:

• It only crawls the links to pages with mobile web content. In case of no such links, let it know immediately.
• It generates a specifically formatted sitemap for mobile version of your website using separate URLs for mobile content.
Generating mobile sitemap using mobile URLs, it submits the final project to Google Webmaster Tools independent of the original sitemap file.

Three Notes Before Making A Mobile Sitemap

• In case your site is exactly responsive or adaptive, which is able to show or load different content depending on the browser window size and capabilities, then you would rather not to generate a mobile sitemap.

• To get your expected mobile sitemap, you must definitely have a separate exclusive URL for your mobile content. For instance, for the desktop version and for its mobile format.

• If your website is optimized for smartphones, you need to make an XML normal sitemap file rather than a mobile sitemap. The reason behind this is that in the past, the non-smartphone browsers were not able to be in the same category as the normal desktop browsers in terms of capabilities, but now this is not the case since today, smartphones have the same capacities as desktop browsers do.

sitemap file for mobile

Bonus Options Of Our Mobile Sitemap Generator

Mobile Sitemap Features Mobile Sitemap Features
1. Complete list of internal links
2. Complete list of external links
3. Complete list of broken links, including link of empty pages, loop directions, and links with 500, 403, 503, and 504 error.
4. Complete list of 301 Redirect links
5. Complete list of 302 Redirect links
6. Complete list of 404 error
7. List of pages with too many internal links
8. List of pages with extremely few internal links
9. List of pages with a big distance from the homepage
10. List of anchor texts as well as their exact number in the whole site

11. Link warnings including:

 tags with empty anchor text
 tags whose anchor text is an image with invalid URL
 tags whose anchor text is an image with no Alt text
 tags with invalid anchor text (It should be either a short piece of text or an image. Using whatever html tags other text of image in the anchor text is totally invalid.)
 tags with no href
 tags with empty href
 tags whose href= "#"
 tags with deficient URL (The valid URL to be used in href should be complete and start with http or https)
 tags with an email address or a phone number in their href (even if it is not necessarily considered as a warning)
 tags whose href starts with "#": (even if it is not necessarily considered as a warning)  tags with too long anchor text
 tags whose href comprise a long URL

mobile sitemap builder