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What Does A Sitemap Maker Do?

What Does A Sitemap Maker Do?

you''ll see some sitemap examples in this article so you can get an accurate understanding of the sitemap concept. how can I make a sitemap? What are the different types of sitemap? the benefit of using a sitemap for your website?

A Sweet Sitemap Generation Experience

A Sweet Sitemap Generation Experience

The sitemap generator provided by yoursitemap.com gathers a specific website’s data and URLs to support search engines in finding and analyzing its web pages. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for every website owner to make an XML sitemap using

How To Submit My Sitemap To Google?

How To Submit My Sitemap To Google?

It’s a great idea to submit sitemap to google when you go live with your WordPress site. Google uses your XML sitemap to know about your WordPress structure and also to increase index coverage of your web pages. If you want to make and submit a sitem

A Tool For Sitemap Creation

Sitemap Template

* In this post, you're going to read about:
- Sitemap Template
- The Hierarchy Of Content Within A Sitemap File
- Features Of Our Sitemap Template Generator

Sitemap Template

What Is A Sitemap Template?

Website sitemap template is a HTML or XML template that lists all web pages, specially the most important ones, which are available in your website. Indeed, sitemap template is an organized presentation in hierarchical form that not only help users to navigate easier throughout your website, but also provides a better situation for search engines to find and index your content.
You can create your own sitemap template diagram online, which functions as the foundation of your asset. Start with our free sitemap templates and accelerate the sitemap creation workflow. Sitemap template displays an organized list for your website with pre-made sitemap URL example to determine how users will go around the site from the homepage to the other web pages.
The content included in the HTML sitemap document is designed for both users and search engine robots. As this document helps users navigate throughout pages, it is very important to have a user-friendly html sitemap template. It also improves your website ranking by getting more pages ready to be indexed.

The Visual Hierarchy Of Content

html sitemap template

If you are new to generate HTML sitemap, we can help you to create a professional one by our html sitemap template bootstrap. The sitemap template offers you with a variety of shapes to illuminate the hierarchical regularity of your website. HTML sitemaps help website users and also search engines understand better your site structure. You can make your sitemap clear and easy to use by adding sitemap template documents, shapes and images.

WordPress Sitemap Template

If you create WordPress html sitemap template by our generators, it will make WordPress recognize it as an HTML Sitemap. It will also help you introduce the most important pages both to search engines and users. Moreover, you are able to start with a pre-made sitemap template and reclaim it as you desire to illustrate the feedback more efficiently and clearly.


Generate Your Sitemap Template Generate Your Sitemap Template
We boldly recommend you to use our professional sitemap maker tool as it is strongly able to help you make your sitemap as powerful as possible by designing sitemap template of your website. Hence, sitemap template can prove your sitemap worth. If you are looking to generate html sitemap page template to display an organized list of your pages for the users, we will offer you our free html sitemap template generator. Keep in mind that in order to take advantage of more services in yoursitemap.com, you should use the premium version as well.

Here Is Some Example Of Sitemap

In the below, you can find examples of different kinds of sitemaps.

1. XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap Example

2. HTML Sitemap:

HTML Sitemap Example

3. Image Sitemap

Image Sitemap Example

4. Visual Sitemap

Visual Sitemap Example

5. Video Sitemap

Video Sitemap Example

6. Blogger Sitemap

Blogger Sitemap Example

Sitemap Template Builder Sitemap Template Builder

5. Link Analysis

Sitemap Generation Tool Sitemap Generation Tool
A list of all of internal links within your site URLs
The bulk of external links (from your site to the others)
A list of broken links containing links with 500, 403, 503, and 504 errors, and loop directions.
The whole list of 301 Redirect links
The entire list of 302 Redirect links
The entire list of 404 error Information over pages with numerous internal links
The complete list of pages with numerated internal links
The group of URLs with big distance from the homepage
The exact number of anchor texts within the site accompanied with other related precious data.

6. Link Warning

 • tags with empty anchor text
• tags whose anchor text is an image with invalid URL
• tags whose anchor text is an image with no Alt text
• tags with invalid anchor text (It should be either a short piece of text or an image. Using whatever html tags other than text or image in the anchor text is totally invalid.)
• tags with no href
• tags with empty href
• tags whose href= "#"
• tags with deficient URL (The valid URL to be used in href should be complete and start with http or https)
• tags with an email address or a phone number in their href (even if it is not necessarily considered as a warning)
• tags whose href starts with "#": (even if it is not necessarily considered as a warning)
• tags with too long anchor text
• tags whose href comprise a long URL

Generate Your Sitemap

Sitemap Crawler Sitemap Crawler
7. Crawler Management
With managing option, you will be able to approbate pages needed to be crawled and unneeded ones.

8. Crawling Process Handling:

• This feature allows you to set a delay plan in the crawling process with the purpose of server resources optimization.

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